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Bridget and Cody

Hi, I’m Bridget and here is my story:

When my son was three years old I spotted him at the top of the staircase, observing his father verbally and physically abusive to me. The moment my child witnessed the abuse was the moment I needed to get out of a very bad marriage.

Being a stay at home mom and having no family to turn to. I sold my grandmothers sterling silver set she had given me many years prior, to hire an attorney and move into a safe protected apartment. I found myself with no savings, no access to funds and hustling to find a job.

My ex-husband now owes me over $40,000 in child support and shortly after our divorce my son was diagnosed with brain cancer.

I have been dedicated to getting him the best treatment and becoming a successful business woman. Things are looking up for my career and his battle to be cancer free continues. I work endless hours trying to make ends meet and he fights cancer every day, but we need help!

Every product you purchase from helps me and my son Cody.

Thank you so much,
Bridget and Cody

A List of Bridget’s Never Ending Bills:

  • Antibiotic’s at The Children’s Cancer Center
  • Doctor Visits
  • School Uniform’s
  • School Lunch’s
  • Special Tutoring
  • Car Insurance
  • Car Payment
  • Rent
  • Electric
  • Water
  • Internet
  • Groceries
  • Gas
  • Cell Phone
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